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Erhaltung eines vertikalen Schleimhautstreifens zum einseitigen Speisewegaufbau nach radikaler Pharynx-Larynxresektion

  • M. Weidenbecher
  • G. Waller
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Preservation of a vertical mucosa strip for one stage gullet reconstruction after radical resection of the pharynx and larynx


For the immediate reconstruction of a nutritional pathway after pharyngo-laryngeal resektion, the preservation of a small vertical strip of pharyngeal mucosa membran, resected at least 15 mm to the tumormargin, is recommended. A minimum of 10 mm width of mucosa, which is intraoperatively controlled by frozen section,, is necessary, and sutured over a nasal gastric tube of 18 or 16 Ch. This reconstruction is of shorter operationtime, avoids a pharyngo- and oesophagostoma, and gives a fast rehabilitation. A full course of radiation is recommended.

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