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Maligne Tumoren des Kindes- und Adoleszentenalters im HNO-Bereich

  • P. Gutjahr
  • H. Jung
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Malignomas of head and neck in childhood and adolescence


Head and neck (except C.N.S.) and orbita) is often concerned by primary malignomas in childhood and adolescence.

At the E.N.T.- and Childrens' department of the University Hospital of Mainz in 16 years (1958–1974) 90 patients with malignomas of this primary localization have been examined and treated.

Some of the essential aspects of diagnostic are reported as well as the different composition of the tumor-type in the various groups of age.

Therapeutically there has been a notable progress during the last years, which includes besides improved operative techniques especially the new combinations of cytostatic drugs. Improvements in prognosis are not only noted for malign lymphomas (M. Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphomas) but also for malignomas of soft parts.

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  • P. Gutjahr
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  • H. Jung
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