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Zur Diagnostik frontobasaler Liquorfisteln mit dem Rihsa-Scan

  • J. Theissing
  • G. Schindler
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The application of risa-scan in the diagnosis of cerebro spinal fluid fistulae


The Risa-Scan is widely used in diagnosing cerebro spinal fluid fistulae of the fronto-basis. The convincing basic theoretical principles led to the assumption on doubtless diagnostic proclamations.

Results of personal operative experiences, especially in cases where clinical verification of durai fistulae without frank evidence of spinal fluid rhinorrhea, show that the results of a Risa-Scan (either positive or negative) are not absolutely reliable.

The factors responsible for these uncertainities are examined using personal data acquired. Also, the clinical criteria for the evaluation of the Risa-Scan under the aspects of its value, as a means of diagnosis and in comparison to other diagnostic methods are classified accordingly.

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