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Einseitige, totale Hypopharynxrekonstruktion nach Laryngopharyngektomie

II. Teil: Sitzungsbericht Freie Vorträge

One stage, complete reconstruction of the hypopharynx following total laryngopharyngectomy


The author reports upon his own experience with a one stage, total reconstruction following total laryngopharyngectomy first described by Loré, Jr. (1973). For the rebuilding of the anterior and lateral walls of hypopharynx a posterior tongue flap after Sisson (1956) and Hiranandani (1967) is used. The reconstruction of the posterior wall of hypopharynx is done using a free dermal graft from the tigh.

This method seems to have certain merits: A radical procedure is possible; one stage operation; a good functional result concerning deglutition after a short time, which in the own two cases was not essentially injured after x-ray treatment with a full tumordosis.


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