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Supraglottische Larynxrupturen

  • W. Schulze
  • O. Kleinsasser
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Supraglottic rupture of the larynx


The avulsion of the trachea from the larynx and the avulsion of the cricoid arch from the thyroid cartilage are well known types of laryngeal injuries. As a third type the supraglottic rupture of the larynx is described by three observations. A blow on the superior rim of the larynx can tear off the ventricular cord and the epiglottis from their intralaryngeal anchorage. The rupture lines are hidden within the ventricles. Supraglottio rupture can be followed by severe supraglottic stenosis of the larynx.

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  • W. Schulze
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  • O. Kleinsasser
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