Journal of Materials Science

, Volume 28, Issue 4, pp 880–884 | Cite as

Displacement control crack-growth instability in an elastic-softening material

Part II Analysis for double-edge-notch configuration
  • E. Smith


The criterion for crack growth instability in an elastic-softening material that is subjected to displacement control loading conditions is examined. A theoretical analysis of the model of a solid containing two symmetrically situated deep cracks and with tensile loading of the remaining ligament, defines the criterion for crack growth instability. The criterion is expressed in terms of the material's softening characteristics and the solid's geometrical parameters. The analysis covers the complete spectrum of material behaviour from the case where the softening zone is very small to the case where instability does not occur until the softening zone traverses the ligament between the crack tips.


Polymer Theoretical Analysis Geometrical Parameter Material Processing Material Behaviour 
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  • E. Smith
    • 1
  1. 1.Materials Science CentreManchester University/UMISTManchesterUK

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