Journal of Materials Science

, Volume 30, Issue 6, pp 1539–1544 | Cite as

Ceramic matrix composite-metal brazed joints

  • D. G. Dixon


A silicon nitride fibre-reinforced cordierite glass ceramic matrix composite has been brazed to titanium and stainless steel in argon with four different interlayer materials, copper, nickel, tungsten and a metal matrix composite (mmc). Joints were tested in shear and all but one failed in the ceramic composite. The highest strength joint, using a metal matrix interlayer to join cmc to stainless steel failed in the mmc at 106 MPa. Silver-copper eutectic braze and aluminium braze can be used to join metals to titanium-coated cmc, producing joints with low levels of interfacial defects. Some joints, however, show debonding at the edges where residual shear stresses are highest.


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  • D. G. Dixon
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  1. 1.British Aerospace PLCSowerby Research Centre FPC 267FiltonUK

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