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, Volume 29, Issue 10, pp 2761–2766 | Cite as

Nucleation and growth mechanism of diamond during hot-filament chemical vapour deposition

  • J. Singh


High-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) was employed to study the nucleation and subsequent growth mechanism of crystalline diamond grown on copper TEM grids by the hot-filament chemical vapour deposition process. The HRTEM revealed direct evidence for the formation of a diamond-like amorphous carbon layer 8–14 nm thick, in which small diamond microcrystallites about 2–5 nm across were embedded. These diamond microcrystallites were formed as a result of direct transformation of the diamond-like carbon into diamond. Large diamond crystallites were observed to grow from these microcrystallites. The diamond surface was found to be non-uniform. It is envisaged that the diamond microcrystallites present in the amorphous, diamond-like carbon layer provide nucleation sites on which the large diamond crystallites grew. A mechanism of diamond growth has been proposed, based on the experimental findings, and is consistent with available theoretical models and numerous experimental observations reported in the literature.


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  • J. Singh
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  1. 1.NASA - George C. Marchall Space Flight CenterHuntsvilleUSA

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