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Partial trisomy 11,46,XX,-3,-20,+der3,+der20,t(3:11:20), resulting from a complex maternal rearrangement of chromosomes 3, 11, 20

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Clinical findings of partial trisomy 11p are described in a patient bearing t(3;11;20) (p13;p11;q13). The translocation was present in balanced form in her mother (46,XX)t(3;11;20)(p13;p11;q13).

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Palmer, C.G., Poland, C., Reed, T. et al. Partial trisomy 11,46,XX,-3,-20,+der3,+der20,t(3:11:20), resulting from a complex maternal rearrangement of chromosomes 3, 11, 20. Hum Genet 31, 219–225 (1976). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00296149

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