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Linkage relationships of the gene for apolipoprotein CII with loci on chromosome 19


Two common restriction fragment length polymorphisms detected with cloned gene probes for apolipoprotein CII (apo CII) have been used to study the inheritance of the gene in families segregating for loci on chromosome 19. Lod scores for APOC2 with the gene for complement component 3 (C3) exclude close linkage and give a maximum at a male recombination fraction of 0.25–0.30. Lod scores for APOC2 and FHC, the gene causing familial hypercholesterolaemia, are negative in males and suggest the genes may not be linked. However, it appears that APOC2 may be closely linked to the blood group loci Lutheran (Lu) and Secretor (Se), and probably less closely linked to Lewis (Le). These data are consistent with the gene order:

$$FHC{\text{------}}C3{\text{------}}\left( {Lu,Se,APOC2} \right)$$

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