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Supranucleosomal organization of chromatin

Electron microscopic visualization of long polynucleosomal chains

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A systematic study of the effect of different ionic conditions on the morphology of the 25–30 nm chromatin fiber from chicken erythrocytes has revealed that, as the ionic strength is increased, knobby fibers with a clear superbead structure are formed in the presence of either Mg++ or Na+, or both. A further increase in ionic strength results in smooth chromatin fibers due to a tight packing of superbeads. Cross-linking such fibers with formaldehyde and reversal of the ionic conditions, demonstrates the superbead structures underlying the smooth fibers observed at high ionic concentrations. The average size of the superbeads is 34 nm along the length of the fibers, in agreement with the value found in embedded sea cucumber chromatin. A second class of superbeads has an average length of 25 nm and probably corresponds to partially disrupted structures.

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