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Difference between diploid and aneuploid Chinese hamster cells in replication at mid-S-phase

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Following partial synchronization of the heteroploid Chinese hamster cell line V-79 and of normal diploid lung fibroblasts of the Chinese hamster in culture, their DNA replication during S-phase was compared by means of a BrdU-incorporation/thymidine pulse technique and Hoechst-Giemsa differential staining of metaphase chromosomes. This comparison indirectly shows the S-phase of the heteroploid cells of V-79 to be 2 h shorter than the diploid cell S-phase. When the thymidine pulse is applied to diploid lung fibroblasts at mid-S-phase, differential staining colours metaphase chromosomes a pale blue. Performing the corresponding experiment with V-79 cells, neither a pale blue nor dark red staining is obtained, but rather an intermediate shade, showing prominently dark staining regions in parts. The pause in DNA synthesis observed at mid-S-phase of the diploid Chinese hamster lung fibroblasts seems to be omitted at mid-S-phase of the V-79 cells.

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