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Variability of the nucleolar organizer activity in human lymphocytes via Ag-staining

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Chromosomes with Ag staining that varies from one metaphase to the other can be distinguished from those with an Ag-staining that is the same in all metaphases. The intercellular variation of an Ag-NOR can be attributed to many different factors. Whatever the importance of technical factors, they do not seem to account for the large variations in Ag-staining which were observed for each ac. This suggests the existence of a natural intercellular variability of the NOR's activity. The variation of the Ag-stainability of a given NOR, the diversity of Ag-stainings observed on the ten ac of one individual and the differences that exist between individuals raise the question of the existence of a compensation of activity between nucleolar organizers. The study, for each individual, of the mean sum of staining per metaphase reveals that this value is not absolutely constant from one individual to another; in the carriers of Robertsonian fusions it is smaller than in chromosomally normal individuals. The analysis of the transmission shows that inactive NORs remain inactive and that active NORs present a variation in the activity from one generation to the next.

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