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Mapping parathyroid hormone, β-globin, insulin, and LDH-A genes within the human chromosome 11 short arm by spot blotting sorted chromosomes


Rearranged human chromosomes carrying segments of chromosome 11 were separated from the normal chromosome 11 by high-resolution chromosome sorting. Sorted chromosomes were tested with parathyroid hormone, β-globin, insulin, and LDH-A gene-specific probes to determine the genes carried by each chromosome segment. Based on the gene content and karyotypes of these abnormal chromosomes, the parathyroid hormone, β-globin, insulin, and LDH-A genes and the unique restriction fragment ADJ-762 are all located on the terminal band of the short arm of human chromosome 11 (band 11p15), with LDH-A proximal to the other loci.

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