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Chromosome analyses in man in the course of chemoprophylaxis against tuberculosis and of antituberculosis chemotherapy with isoniazid

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Cytogenetic analyses were carried out in lymphocytes of 37 persons before and during a primary chemoprophylaxis or a preventive chemotherapy with isoniazid as weil as of 30 patients suffering from active pulmonary tuberculosis before and during a chemotherapy with isoniazid in combination with two other antimycobacterial drugs. The results of the four participating research groups consistently reveal no indication for a chromosome damaging activity of isoniazid, of its metabolites in the human organism and of the administered drug regimens.

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Bauchinger, M., Gebhart, E., Fonatsch, C. et al. Chromosome analyses in man in the course of chemoprophylaxis against tuberculosis and of antituberculosis chemotherapy with isoniazid. Hum Genet 42, 31–43 (1978). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00291621

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