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Characterization of a chlorate-hypersensitive, high nitrate reductase Arabidopsis thaliana mutant

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A population of A. thaliana, produced by self-fertilization of ethylmethane sulfonate treated plants, was exposed to chlorate in the watering solution, and plants showing early susceptibility symptoms were rescued. Among the progeny lines of these plants five were shown to be repeatably chlorate-hypersusceptible. One of these lines (designated C-4) possessed elevated activity of nitrate reductase (NR). The NR activity of mutant C-4 was higher than that of normal plants throughout the life cycle. Nitrite reductase and glutamine synthetase activities of C-4 were normal, as were chlorate uptake rate and tissue nitrate content. The elevated NR activity apparently was responsible for the chlorate hypersusceptibility of C-4. Inheritance studies of NR indicated that the elevated activity of C-4 was probably controlled by a single recessive allele.

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