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Spontaneous interchanges in females of Drosophila melanogaster

Part 1: formation of half-translocations in XX and XXY females


Herein is described an attempts to establish chromosome pairing-interchange relationships in Drosophila melanogaster female. For this purpose, the formation of half-translocations was studied in XXY and XX females bearing compounds of the second pair of autosomes. With respect to XXY females, it was expected that the free Y chromosome would pair with these compounds and that half-translocations involving 2L would arise. In as much as compound chromosomes in XX females had no partner for pairing, the formation of half-translocations involving 2L was not expected.

Half-translocations were registered in the F1 from crosses of XX and XXY females to b j pr cn/T(Y;2)C males. The cross was designed to permit the detection of very rarely occurring non-homologue interchanges.

Offspring number was 335 in XX females and 550 in XXY females. The majority of offspring consisted of individuals arisen from the spontaneous restitution of compounds and the formation of 2n egg cells. Based on phenotype, the offspring of XX females contained 4 individuals with half-translocations involving 2L; there were 48 such flies among the offspring of XXY females. As confirmed by progeny analysis, 38 half-translocations occurred in XXY females and none in XX females. Of the 31 spontaneous interchanges in XXY females 28 were recorded between the Y and the left compound, one between the Y and the right compound, and one between the X and the left compound. Non-homologue interchanges were of oogonial origin judging by the fact that individuals with half-translocations arose in clusters. Unlike Y — left compound interchanges, the interchanges between autosomal compounds seem to be of meiotic origin.

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