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Immunochemical analysis of the structure of eukaryotic ribosomes

Antigenic properties of rat liver ribosomes and ribosomal proteins and characterization of the antisera


Antibodies were prepared in rabbits and sheep to rat liver ribosomes, ribosomal subunits, and to mixtures of proteins from the particles. The antisera were characterized by quantitative immunoprecipitation, by passive hemagglutination, by immunodiffusion on Ouchterlony plates, and by immunoelectrophoresis. While all the antisera contained antibodies specific for ribosomal proteins, none had precipitating antibodies against ribosomal RNA. Rat liver ribosomal proteins were more immunogenic in sheep than rabbits, and the large ribosomal subunit and its proteins were more immunogenic than those of the 40S subparticle. Antisera specific for one or the other ribosomal subunit could be prepared; thus it is unlikely that there are antigenic determinants common to the proteins of the two subunits. When ribosomes, ribosomal subunits, or mixtures of proteins were used as antigens the sera contained antibodies directed against a large number of the ribosomal proteins.

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total proteins—used to designate mixtures of proteins from ribosomal particles, hence TP80 is a mixtures of all the proteins from 80S ribosomes


the proteins from 60S subunits


the proteins from 40S particles


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