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Cytological evidence for preferences of identical over homologous but not-identical meiotic pairing

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A spontaneous tetraploid/diploid chimera involving meiotic cells of a male individual of Euchorthippus pulvinatus gallicus was heterozygous for the C-banding pattern in chromosome pair 8. This allowed the study of the possible existence of competition in meiotic pairing between identical and homologous but not-identical chromosomes. The results suggest the existence of such a competition. An excess of bivalents formed by identical chromosomes was observed. It is suggested that during the pairing process slight specificity or activity differences between chromosomes with a high degree of resemblance would be responsible for the pairing preferences found.

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Giraldez, R., Santos, J.L. Cytological evidence for preferences of identical over homologous but not-identical meiotic pairing. Chromosoma 82, 447–451 (1981). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00285769

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  • Developmental Biology
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