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1∶1 and 2∶1 phase entrainment in a system of two coupled limit cycle oscillators

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A model of a pair of coupled limit cycle oscillators is presented in order to investigate the extent of, and the transition between, 1∶1 and 2∶1 phase entrainment, a phenomenon exhibited by numerous diverse biological systems. The mathematical form of the model involves a flow on a phase torus given by two coupled first order nonlinear ordinary differential equations which govern the oscillators' phase angles (i.e. their respective positions around their limit cycles). The regions corresponding to 1∶1 and 2∶1 phase entrainment in an appropriate parameter space are determined analytically and numerically. The bifurcations occurring during the transition from 1∶1 to 2∶1 phase entrainment are discussed.

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Key words

  • Oscillators
  • limit cycles
  • phase entrainment
  • bifurcations