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Chromosome number in the lizard genus Uta (family Iguanidae)


A chromosome number of 34 (12 macro- and 22 microchromosomes) was found to be characteristic of the bone marrow in 47 animals including males from the species Uta antiquus, and both males and females from the following species and subspecies: Uta stansburiana stansburiana, Uta stansburiana stejnegeri, Uta stansburiana elegans, Uta stansburiana klauberi, Uta stansburiana mannophorus, Uta nolascensis, Uta palmeri, and Uta squamata. — Diploid chromosome numbers of 34 and haploid numbers of 17 were found in the nine testis smears examined. — The presence of a large number of hypodiploid figures in the bone marrow smears is attributed to cell fragmentation and the problem of distinguishing the small microchromosomes. — Series of polyploid figures whose chromosome numbers increased in arithmetic rather than geometric progressions were observed in the testis dry smears. Possible alternatives for the origin of these figures are presented. — Problems encountered in the use of chromosome number as a taxonomic character are discussed.

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Pennock, L.A., Tinkle, D.W. & Shaw, M.W. Chromosome number in the lizard genus Uta (family Iguanidae). Chromosoma 24, 467–476 (1968). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00285020

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  • Bone Marrow
  • Developmental Biology
  • Chromosome Number
  • Geometric Progression
  • Taxonomic Character