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Serial sectioning study of some meiotic stages in Scaptericus borrelli (Grylloidea)

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An electron microscope study of the spermatocytes I of Scaptericus borrelli was performed using serial sections and tridimensional reconstruction. The stages examined were: mid-pachytene, early diplotene and the so-called “diffuse stage”. At mid-pachytene the nucleolus (associated to an autosome) shows a glomerular array formed of supernumerary synaptonemal complexes (extra-complexes, ECs). At early diplotene the autosomes still show remnants of synaptonemal complexes (SC) and the sex chromosome is formed by two substances: one is homogeneous (chromatin-like) the other is granular and dense. A short number of ECs occur in the latter. — At the “diffuse stage” (“lobulated” in this paper) the SCs remnants and the ECs have disappeared and the granular material is assembled in a nuclear lobule. This lobule was found associated with one centriole. — A tridimensional model of a diplotene nucleus and models of diplotene bivalents are shown. — The capacity to form repetitive components of the synaptonemal complex type by spermatocytes of the super-Family Grylloidea is discussed.

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