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The smallest known eukaryotic genomes encode a protein gene: towards an understanding of nucleomorph functions


Cryptomonads are unicellular algae with plastids surrounded by four membranes. Between the two pairs of membranes lies a periplastidal compartment that harbours a DNA-containing organelle, termed the nucleomorph. The nucleomorph is the vestigial nucleus of a phototrophic, eukaryotic endosymbiont. Subcloning of parts of one nucleomorph chromosome revealed a gene coding for an Hsp70 protein. We demonstrate the expression of this nucleomorph protein-coding gene and present a model for protein transport from the host to the endosymbiont compartment.

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Correspondence to U. -G. Maier.

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This paper is dedicated to Prof. Dr. Peter Sitte on the occasion of his 65th birthday

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  • Cryptomonads
  • Periplastidal
  • Hsp70
  • Transport