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The effect of B chromosomes on homoeologous pairing in species hybrids

I. Lolium temulentum x Lolium perenne

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The effect of B chromosomes on chromosome pairing at meiosis was investigated in the species hybrid Lolium temulentum x L. perenne at both the diploid and tetraploid level. The presence of B chromosomes drastically reduced association of homoeologous chromosomes in both the diploids and tetraploids. This was evident from the high frequency of univalents recorded in PMC's of diploid hybrids with B's and from the predominantly bivalent association of homologous chromosomes in tetraploids of this type. In the absence of B's homoeologous pairing was extensive giving a high frequency of bivalents in the diploids and multivalents as well as bivalents and univalents in the tetraploids.

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