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haplotypes identified by DNA polymorphisms at the apolipoprotein A-1 and C-III loci and hypertriglyceridaemia

A study in a Japanese population

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A Japanese group comprising 40 hypertriglyceridaemic and 35 normolipidaemic subjects were genotyped for two intragenic DNA restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs) at the A-1 and C-III gene loci. An Sst-1 polymorphism is located at the 3′ end of the C-III gene and a Msp-1 polymorphism in the third intron of the A-1 gene. The polymorphic restriction sites are 3.8kb apart. The polymorphism with Sst-1 was present at allelic frequencies of 0.67 (S1 allele) and 0.33 (S2 allele), and the polymorphism with Msp-1 was present at allelic frequencies of 0.55 (M1 allele) and 0.45 (M2 allele). The alleles S1, S2, M1, and M2 are in linkage disequilibrium and three haplotypes were identified S1-M1, S1-M2, and S2-M2. Unlike the previously reported association of the S2 allele with hypertriglyceridaemia found in Caucasians there was no difference in the frequency of S2 allele between normolipidaemic and hyperlipidaemic Japanese. However one of the haplotypes S1-M2 was significantly increased in the hypertriglyceridaemic subjects (32% versus 11% P>0.025). Thus in Japanese there is an association with genotypes at this locus and hypertriglyceridaemia but with a different haplotype than in Caucasians.

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