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Genetic analysis of human lymphocyte proteins by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis:

1. Detection of genetic variant polypeptides in PHA-stimulated peripheral blood lymphocytes

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Approximately 250 phytohemagglutinin (PHA)-stimulated peripheral blood lymphocyte polypeptides from three unrelated healthy males were compared by high-resolution two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and double-label autoradiography. Comparisons by all possible pairwise combinations of [14C]leucine-labeled proteins from an individual and [3H]leucine-labeled proteins from another revealed that only three polypeptides differed qualitatively among the three individuals. The degree of variation in lymphocyte polypeptides between different individuals was similar to that in fibroblast polypeptides reported previously. Among the three variant polypeptides, two polypeptides with mol.wt. 64,000 and mol. wt. 37,000 coexisted with a polypeptide with the same molecular weight, and they showed the behavior expected of two allelic gene products separated in the isoelectric focusing dimension by charge differences. Analysis of [14C]leucine labeled peripheral blood lymphocyte proteints, from the parents of each individual, by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis indicated that the variant polypeptides with mol. wt. 64,000 and mol. wt. 37,000 in the propositus were inherited from one of his parents. The data indicate that genetic analysis of PHA-stimulated peripheral blood lymphocyte proteins is feasible by high-resolution two-dimensional gel electrophoresis in combination with double-label autoradiography and pedigree analysis.

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