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The influence of pH, soil type and time on adsorbtion and uptake by plants of Cd added to the soil

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Adsorption of Cd by two soils and its uptake by perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) and winter rape (Brassica napus) as a function of pH (pH 4 to 7) and the amount of Cd added to the soil (0 to 5 mg kg−1 soil) were studied in a 2-yr pot experiment. In the soils, the more soluble fractions of Cd increased as the pH was lowered. Increasing the pH from 5 to 7 by adding CaO invariably reduced the Cd-content of ryegrass plants, but this decrease was less consistent where the pH had only been increased to 6. In some cases, acidifying the soil with S to reach a pH of 4 also led to a decrease in plant Cd-content. The Cd-content of rapeseed plants was markedly higher at pH 4 than at pH 5. Plant damage at low pH was observed in this crop. Water-leachable and CaCl2-extractable soil Cd levels as well as plant uptake were higher in the sand soil than in the clay soil, whereas 1M NH4AcO (buffered at pH 4.8 and 7) extracted roughly equal amounts from both soils. Adding more Cd to the soil did not change the relation between Cd levels in soil and those in plants; instead the amounts of Cd in both increased in direct proportion to the amounts added. Fixation of added Cd apparently did not occur continuously at any pH or Cd-level during the 2-yr period, but seasonal variations in solubility and uptake were observed.

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