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Plasma polymerization of fluorobenzenes/SO2 mixtures

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Plasma polymerization of mixtures of fluorobenzenes (perfluorobenzene (PFB), pentafluorobenzene (PnFB), and tetrafluorobenzene (TFB)) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) is carried out for preparation of plasma polymers containing both fluorine and sulfur moieties. The chemical composition of the polymers is inspected by FT/IR and XPS, and the ion-exchange capacity and the electrical conductivity are measured. Plasma polymers prepared from these mixtures are fluro polymers with either of sulfonic acid or sulfinic acid groups. The ion-exchange capacity is 0.49 (for polymers from the PFB/SO2 mixture), 0.94 (for those from the PnFB/SO2 mixture), and 1.31 meq/g-polyer (for those from the TFB/SO2 mixture). The electrical conductivity at a relative humidity of 70 %RH is 8.3 × 10−9, 3.6 × 10−7, and 4.3 × 10−5 S/cm, respectively.

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