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On the concentration dependence of the elasticity modulus of soybean globulin gels

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The concentration dependence of the elasticity modulus (G) of gels produced by heating soybean globulins (SBG) has been investigated in the concentration range C=7.5–58.4%. The tests included constant rate loading and stress relaxation. The experimental results are presented in the form of a modulus reduction parameter b(C)=G(C) / G(C∘), where C∘=15% corresponds to the standard reference state. Whatever the testing conditions, the results are described by a single smooth curve similar, to a constant factor, to the concentration dependence of the equilibrium elasticity modulus of SBG gels. The experimental relationship b (C) agrees with the theoretical concentration dependence of the equilibrium polymer gel modulus according to Hermanns if it is assumed that the gel-point of SBG, Co=6.6 %. Within an order of magnitude this value of Co is consistent with the experimental data. We have to thank the European Branch Director of Central Soya Intern., Inc., Mr.J.F.Casey for kindly providing us defatted soya flour.

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Bikbow, T.M., Grinberg, V.Y., Antonov, Y.A. et al. On the concentration dependence of the elasticity modulus of soybean globulin gels. Polymer Bulletin 1, 865–869 (1979). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00283220

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  • Elasticity Modulus
  • Concentration Dependence
  • Soya Flour
  • Theoretical Concentration
  • Modulus Reduction