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Build-up of polymer networks by initiated polyreactions

3. Analysis of the fragment approach to the living polymerization type of build-up

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A fragment approach, consisting of a selection of different fragments from which the network may be built-up, together with a kinetic scheme giving the evolution of such fragments during polymerization and a recursive approach for derivation of statistical averages, is used in the analysis of the build-up of polymer networks by initiated polyreactions. Gelation conditions are predicted for two simple cases: the living polymerization of a (tetrafunctional) monomer with two polymerizable groups and the polyetherification released by polyamine-polyepoxide addition. When the size of the fragments is increased, the solution converges to the exact solution given by the kinetic theory.

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Williams, R.J.J., Riccardi, C.C. & Dušek, K. Build-up of polymer networks by initiated polyreactions. Polymer Bulletin 17, 515–521 (1987). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00283087

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