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Heavy metal contamination of the marine biota along the Rio de Janeiro coast, SE-Brazil

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A survey is presented on the heavy metal contamination of benthic organisms of the Rio de Janeiro coast, SE Brazil. Metal concentrations were different depending on major pollution sources, element, and species analyzed. The highest concentrations of Zn and Cd occurred in moderately industrialized Sepetiba Bay, while Cu presented its highest content in areas receiving urban wastes. The metals Pb, Ni and Mn did not show any difference among areas. The highest concentration of metals, regardeless of site, occurred in barnacles and oysters, due to the high filtering capacity of these organisms, while the lowest concentrations of all metals occurred in algae species.

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Carvalho, C.E.V., Lacerda, L.D. & Gomes, M.P. Heavy metal contamination of the marine biota along the Rio de Janeiro coast, SE-Brazil. Water Air Soil Pollut 57, 645–653 (1991). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00282928

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