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Molecular analysis of the gene encoding a rice starch branching enzyme

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The sequence of a rice gene encoding a starch branching enzyme (sbe1) shows extreme divergence from that of the rice gene, that is homologous to bacterial glycogen branching enzyme (sbe2). sbe1 is expressed abundantly and specifically in developing seeds and maximally in the middle stages of seed development. This expression pattern completely coincides with that of the waxy gene, which encodes a granule-bound starch synthase. Three G-box motifs and consensus promoter sequences are present in the 5′ flanking region of sbe1. It encodes a putative transit peptide, which is required for transport into the amyloplast. A 2.2 kb intron (intron 2) precedes the border between the regions encoding the transit peptide and the mature protein, and contains a high G/C content with several repeated sequences in its 5′ half. Although only a single copy of sbe1 is present in the rice genome, Southern analysis using intron 2 as a probe indicates the presence of several homologous sequences in the rice genome, suggesting that this large intron and also the transit peptide coding region may be acquired from another portion of the genome by duplication and insertion of the sequence into the gene.

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