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Esterase genes in Daphnia pulex: linked inheritance and genotypic distribution in natural populations

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Esterase patterns were examined in three populations of Daphnia pulex. The total number of bands showing esterase activity was 17. Three major genes Est-1, Est-2, Est-3 controlling esterase synthesis were identified and genetically studied. These genes were found to be located in the same linkage group. It was shown that two or three homologous chromosomes differing in sets of esterase alleles predominantly occur in the populations considered.

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Ruvinsky, A.O., Lobkov, Y.I. Esterase genes in Daphnia pulex: linked inheritance and genotypic distribution in natural populations. Theoret. Appl. Genetics 60, 113–117 (1981).

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Key words

  • Daphnia pulex
  • Esterases
  • Genes cluster
  • genotype frequences
  • Disequilibrium linkage