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Comparison of genetic and physical maps of group 7 chromosomes from Triticum aestivum L.

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We present a high density physical map of homoeologous group 7 chromosomes from Triticum aestivum L. using a series of 54 deletion lines, 6 random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers and 91 cDNA or genomic DNA clones from wheat, barley and oat. So far, 51 chromosome segments have been distinguished by molecular markers, and 54 homoeoloci have been allocated among chromosomes 7A, 7B and 7D. The linear order of molecular markers along the chromosomes is almost identical in the A- B- and D-genome of wheat. In addition, there is colinearity between the physical and genetic maps of chromosomes 7A, 7B and 7D from T. aestivum, indicating gene synteny among the Triticeae. However, comparison of the physical map of chromosome 7D from T. aestivum with the genetic map from Triticum tauschii some markers have been shown to be physically allocated with distortion in more distal chromosome regions. The integration of genetic and physical maps could assist in estimating the frequency and distribution of recombination in defined regions along the chromosome. Physical distance did not correlate with genetic distance. A dense map facilitates the detection of multiple rearrangements. We present the first evidence for an interstitial inversion either on chromosome arm 7AS or 7DS of Chinese Spring. Molecularly tagged chromosome regions (MTCRs) provide landmarks for long-range mapping of DNA fragments.

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