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Amylase heterogeneity

Some genetik and clinical aspects

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Serum amylase activity comprises two isoenzymes which differ in their electrophoretic mobility. The first is produced by the salivary gland, the second by the pancreas.

Urine amylase is filtered from the plasma by the glomerules and the number of its isoenzymes with their respective activities correspond to those in the serum.

In 11 out of 120 cases of children a duplication of the serum pancreatic fraction was detected. The same trait was also found in one of the parents of each of these eleven children, suggesting that an autosomal codominant mode of inheritance may be involved.

In diabetic children an increased serum amylase activity in the first (i.e. the salivary) fraction was detected, in five other children out of the group of 120, this first salivary amylase fraction was missing completely.

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Director: Prof. MUDr. Z. Brunecký, C. Sc.

This paper was partially read on the 6th Biochemical days, 10th to 12th June, 1965, in Hradec Králové.

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