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Effect of furosemide on angiotensin II-mediated prostaglandin I2 production in hypertensive subjects


The role of angiotensin II (AII) in Prostaglandin I2 (PGI2) production following furosemide has been examined in a placebo-controlled, cross-over study. Furosemide 20 mg was injected intravenously in eight hypertensive subjects already treated with oral captopril 25 mg or a matching placebo. Urinary excretion of 6-keto-PGF (a metabolite of PGI2) and PGE2, PRA and AII was increased following furosemide without captopril pretreatment. The rises in urinary 6-keto-PGF and PGE2, and plasma AII after furosemide were prevented by the captopril pretreatment. Urinary volume, sodium and furosemide were not affected by captopril. The data indicate that the effect of furosemide on PGI2 production, as reflected by the urinary excretion of 6-keto-PGF, was mediated by an action of AII.

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  • Furosemide
  • 6-keto-PGF
  • hypertension
  • angiotensin II
  • captopril
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