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Stability of lectin binding properties expressed by human bladder carcinoma cell lines passaged in vitro or in nude mice

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Binding of a panel of lectins by sublines of two human bladder carcinoma cell lines, UCRU-BL-17 CL and UCRU-BL-13 CL, assessed flow cytometrically following passage of the cells in vitro and in nude mice, was compared with that of human leukaemic cell lines, K562 and HL60, and found to be different. Marked glycosylation of sublines of both bladder cancer cell lines was found compared with normal human bladder transitional epithelium (assessed cytochemically). Neuraminidase pretreatment increased the binding of some lectins indicating that some galactose and N-acetylgalactosamine residues were sialylated. Lectin binding by UCRU-BL-17 CL sublines was remarkably constant on prolonged passage in vitro even though the lines underwent changes in physical characteristics and ploidy when grown in nude mice. This suggests that glycosylation of the tumour cell surface may represent an intrinsic feature of this bladder tumour.

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