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Cloning and mapping of the genetic determinants for microcin C51 production and immunity

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Microcin C51 is a small peptide antibiotic produced by Escherichia coli cells harbouring the 38 kb low copy number plasmid pC51, which codes for microcin production and immunity. The genetic determinants for microcin synthesis and immunity were cloned into the vectors pBR325, pUC19 and pACYC184. Physical and phenotypic analysis of deletion derivatives and mutant plasmids bearing insertions of transposon Tn5 showed that a DNA fragment of about 5 kb is required for microcin C51 synthesis and expression of complete immunity to microcin. Partial immunity can be provided by a 2 kb DNA fragment. Mutant plasmids were tested for their ability to complement Mic mutations. Results of these experiments indicate that at least three plasmid genes are required for microcin production. The host OmpR function is also necessary for microcin C51 synthesis.

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Key words

  • Microcin C51
  • Peptide antibiotic
  • Plasmid genes
  • Escherichia coli