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Two classes of isocitrate lyase genes are expressed during late embryogeny and postgermination in Brassica napus L.

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We have analyzed the structure of genes encoding the glyoxylate cycle enzyme isocitrate lyase from Brassica napus L. and their expression during embryogeny and postgermination. Restriction mapping, nucleotide sequence, and DNA gel blot hybridization analyses of cDNA and genomic clones indicated that there are approximately six isocitrate lyase genes in the B. napus genome that can be divided into at least two subfamilies based upon their divergence in 5′ and 3′ untranslated regions. We showed previously that isocitrate lyase mRNA accumulates during late embryogeny and postgermination. Here, we present results which indicate that several isocitrate lyase genes are expressed at both stages of development. First, gene-specific probes were used to show that mRNAs encoded by representatives of both gene subfamilies accumulated in both late maturation stage embryos and in seedlings of B. napus. Second, a single B. napus isocitrate lyase gene, together with 3.5 kb and 1.4 kb of 5′ and 3′ flanking regions, respectively, was expressed in both embryos and seedlings of transgenic tobacco plants. The results indicated that accumulation of isocitrate lyase in late embryogeny and postgermination does not result from the alternate expression of distinct members of the gene family.

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