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Comparison of full and half-sib reciprocal recurrent selection

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Full and half-sib reciprocal recurrent selection (RRS) were compared algebraically and with computer simulation. The relative performance of the two schemes depended on the selection intensity and the environmental variance. Full-sib RRS was favoured at less intense selection and when the environmental variance was large relative to the total genetic variation. As selection intensity increased its advantage declined. Full-sib RRS enables a breeder to combine the efficient development of new hybrids with population improvement and should be a valuable technique in plant breeding.

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Published with the approval of the Director as paper No. 2466 Journal series, Nebraska Agr. Exp. Sta., Lincoln, Nebr. and as Atomic Energy Commission Technical Information Document No. COO-1512-17.

Communicated by J. S. F. Barker

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Jones, L.P., Compton, W.A. & Gardner, C.O. Comparison of full and half-sib reciprocal recurrent selection. Theoret. Appl. Genetics 41, 36–39 (1971).

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  • Genetic Variation
  • Computer Simulation
  • Environmental Variance
  • Plant Breeding
  • Relative Performance