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Insulin release by glucose anomers in a rat model of non-insulin-dependent diabetes

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The effects of the α and β anomers of D-glucose on insulin release were studied in a rat model of non-insulin-dependent diabetes, which was induced by streptozotocin injection at 2 days of age. Glucose tolerance of the streptozotocin-treated rats at 8–10 weeks of age was mildly diabetic. Insulin release from the isolated perfused pancreas of the diabetic rats in response to 10 mmol/l α-D-glucose was markedly impaired, while insulin response to 10 mmol/l β-D-glucose in the diabetic pancreas was only slightly reduced as compared to that in the control pancreas.


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Niki, A., Niki, H., Niki, I. et al. Insulin release by glucose anomers in a rat model of non-insulin-dependent diabetes. Diabetologia 31, 65–67 (1988).

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Key words

  • Insulin release
  • glucose anomers
  • streptozotocin
  • neonatal rat
  • non-insulin-dependent diabetes
  • pancreas perfusion
  • pancreatic B cell