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Group-specific component (Gc) subtypes in the Chinese population of Hong Kong

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The distribution of Gc subtypes in a sample of the Chinese population of Hong Kong was studied using isoelectric focusing followed by immunofixation. A sensitive modification of this technique is described. Nine distinct phenotypes were observed which appear to result from the three common alleles Gc IF, Gc IS, and Gc 2, which are found in most populations. The respective gene frequencies were 0.494, 0.258, and 0.247. In addition, two rare phenotypes were observed which appear to be due to a rare allele tentatively identified as Gc 2G2.

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Correspondence to W. H. P. Lewis.

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Kwok, K.Y.Y., Lewis, W.H.P. Group-specific component (Gc) subtypes in the Chinese population of Hong Kong. Hum Genet 59, 72–74 (1981). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00278858

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