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On the influence of fixations on the normal hydration of rabbit cornea and the total amount of acid mucopolysaccharides in the stroma

Histochemical and biochemical study

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The authors studied the influence of fixations on the normal hydration of the rabbit cornea and the total amount of acid mucopolysaccharides (AMPS) in the stroma. The following fixatives were used: formol-calcium chloride at 19° C for 24 hours, formolcetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) at 19 and 28° C for 48 hours, Lillie's fixation at 19° C for 24 hours and Carnoy's fluid at 19° C for 30 minutes. The sections of the corneae were stained with Alcian blue, colloidal Fe3+ in the modification according to Rinehart and Abu'l Haj and with toluidine and methylene blue. The amount of AMPS was determined with the method of Rondle and Morgan and the total hydration of the stroma by weighing the corneae before and after using different fixative fluids and by calculation of obtained values on dry weight.

The best results were obtained by using formol-CPC at 28° C. At the ordinary room temperature (±19° C) it was the poorest fixation, however, as the corneae in this solution became hydrated. Formol-calcium chloride was the second in the row and it was much better than Lillie's and Carnoy's fluid.

The amount of AMPS in the stroma was not essentially changed by the effect of fixatives. Within 24–48 hours formol-CPC at 28° C retained the normal content and formol-calcium chloride caused the 11% decrease of AMPS maximally. The loss of AMPS after other fixatives was minimal.

The intensity of staining with cationic dyes in paraffin sections was different after individual fixatives and after the kind of their application and was dependent chiefly on the state of hydration of the corneal stroma: It is impossible to interpret the results of staining reactions in terms of the quantity of AMPS as it was hitherto done.

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