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Genetics of glucose phosphate isomerase and phosphoglucomutase in Aedes albopictus (diptera: culicidae)

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Glucose phosphate isomerase (E.C. and phosphoglucomutase (E.C. were found to be polymorphic in a laboratory colony of Aedes albopictus. The glucose phosphate isomerase locus is represented by two alleles resulting in three genotypes, while the phosphoglucomutase locus is represented by at least five alleles giving rise to a total of 15 genotypes. The inheritance of these two enzymes is of the Mendelian type with codominant alleles. Present data indicate that these genes are not linked.

Of 105 mosquitoes analysed for these two gene-enzyme systems, the frequencies for glucose phosphate isomerase alleles are Gpi S=0.68 and Gpi F=0.32, while the frequencies for phosphoglucomutase alleles are Pgm A=0.16, Pgm B=0.11, Pgm C=0.19, Pgm D=0.30 and Pgm F= 0.24. The frequencies of the three glucose phosphate isomerase genotypes are in accord with Hardy-Weinberg expectations (X 1 2 =2.74). Similarly, the frequencies of the 15 phosphoglucomutase genotypes probably do not differ significantly from Hardy-Weinberg expectations (X 10 2 = 18.45).

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