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Linear differentation of cereal chromosomes

III. Rye, triticale and ‘Aurora’ variety

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The BSG test was used in an investigation of the linear differentiation in rye variety ‘Zhitkinskaya’, common wheat variety ‘Aurora’ and two secondary Triticale namely AD-196 and F-1239.

Chromosomes of ‘Aurora’ variety and wheat chromosomes within Triticale may be easily divided into “constant” and ‘variable’ chromosomes as described previously (lordansky et al. 1977; Zurabishvili et al 1977).

It is necessary to emphasize that the diversity of “variable” chromosomes underlies karyotypical polymorphism within wheat and Triticale species. The polymorphism observed exists in parallel with strict homomorphism of homologous chromosomes.

In IB chromosomes of ‘Aurora’ variety, the short arm is substituted by the rye chromosome arm. The karyotype of Triticale AD-196 consists of six pairs of rye chromosomes and fifteen pairs of wheat chromosomes.

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