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An improved method of typing hair sheath cells using the PGM3 locus following starch gel electrophoresis


The PGM3 locus, like the PGM1 locus, is shown to be easily demonstrated in hair sheath cells using starch gel electrophoresis. The discriminating power of the total system (PGM1 and PGM3) on starch gel electrophoresis closely approaches that observed by isoelectric focusing of the PGM1 locus. Family studies of the PGM3 locus variants in hair sheath cells confirm that the alleles responsible are inherited in a Mendelian fashion independent of the PGM1 locus.

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Burgess, R.M., Sutton, J.G. An improved method of typing hair sheath cells using the PGM3 locus following starch gel electrophoresis. Hum Genet 56, 391–393 (1981).

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