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Combining ability analysis of oxalic acid, minerals and green fodder yield in pearl millet

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Combining ability studies with respect to such green fodder quality characteristics as oxalic acid, calcium, sodium, potassium and green fodder yield were carried out in a 12 × 12 diallel cross set in pearl millet (Pennisetum typhoides (Burm) S. & H.). With regard to differential expression of gene effects, studies for quality traits were carried out in different seasons and on different plant parts. The relative proportions of general and specific combining variances indicated the preponderance of non-additive genetic variance. Parents possessing desirable fodder quality characteristics were identified on the basis of combining ability and per se performance, and selection criterion for crosses was discussed. It was recommended that leaf portion should be biochemically analysed and manipulated in an environment when the genes are expressed.

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Part of the Ph. D. dissertation submitted to the Punjab Agricultural University by the senior author in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree

Communicated by B. R. Murty

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Chawla, H.S., Gupta, V.P. Combining ability analysis of oxalic acid, minerals and green fodder yield in pearl millet. Theoret. Appl. Genetics 61, 109–112 (1982). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00273876

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Key words

  • Combining ability
  • Oxalic acid
  • Green fodder yield
  • Pearl millet