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Stimulation of chalcone synthase activity by yeast extract in cultured Glycyrrhiza echinata cells and 5-deoxyflavanone formation by isolated protoplasts


Chalcone synthase activity catalyzing the formation of naringenin (5-hydroxyflavanone) was detected in cell suspension cultures of Glycyrrhiza echinata. This activity rapidly increased by treatment of the cells with yeast extract, while non-treated cells showed a constant low activity. Isolated G. echinata protoplasts accumulated retrochalcone (echinatin) and its biosynthetic intermediate (licodione) during 24 h of culture. When the protoplasts were incubated with [14C(U)]phenylalanine, liquiritigenin (5-deoxyflavanone) was transiently labeled, indicating the induction of 6'-deoxychalcone synthase. The formation of liquiritigenin, in addition to naringenin, was observed when the crude extracts from the protoplasts were assaved for CHS activity.

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chalcone synthase


yeast extract


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Correspondence to T. Furuya.

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This paper is Part 52 in the series “Studies on Plant Tissue Cultures”. For Part 51, see Furuya T, Ushiyama M, Asada Y, Yoshikawa T, Orihara Y (1987) Phytochemistry: in press.

Communicated by S. Ayabe

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Ayabe, S., Udagawa, A. & Furuya, T. Stimulation of chalcone synthase activity by yeast extract in cultured Glycyrrhiza echinata cells and 5-deoxyflavanone formation by isolated protoplasts. Plant Cell Reports 7, 35–38 (1988).

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  • Cell Suspension
  • Yeast Extract
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