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A serum protein polymorphism determinant on chromosome 9 of Mus musculus


Genetic polymorphism for a previously undescribed serum protein has been found among inbred strains of Mus musculus. The new serum protein locus, gene symbol Sep-1, has been located on Chromosome 9, gene order Lap-1-Sep-1-Mpi-1-d-Mod-1, by utilizing information obtained from 52 recombinant inbred strains together with standard genetic backcrosses. The strain distribution pattern for this locus, supernatant malic enzyme, and transferrin, also on Chromosome 9, are given for 67 inbred strains. Because the genotype of SEP-1 can be determined for individual mice without killing them, Sep-1 is a very useful gene in linkage studies and experimental biology.

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