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Plant regeneration in zigzag clover (Trifolium medium L.)

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A study was conducted to regenerate plants from explant tissue and from callus culture of zigzag clover (Trifolium medium). Petiole segments from two strains of zigzag clover were cultured on L2 or in SL2 media. Shoots were regenerated via organogenesis from petiole segments of both strains of zigzag clover. Direct shoot regeneration was noticed as early as eight days after the initiation of cultures. Shoots were also regenerated via somatic embryogenesis from petiole-derived calli of the two strains on L2 and SL2 media. Regenerated plants have normal morphological characteristics.

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  • Morphological Characteristic
  • Somatic Embryogenesis
  • Plant Regeneration
  • Shoot Regeneration
  • Callus Culture